Many hands make light work


“Many hands make light work.”

Meaning: A task is less difficult when many people work together.

A person carrying a heavy load on their own, struggles immensely. However, when two or three more people help them carry, the load becomes lighter and easier handle. Another example is when a manager decides to delegate some of his or her responsibilities, instead of trying to do everything themselves. If a friend or colleague sees that you’re drowning in work, and they offer their help, you could just smile at them and say, “Sure. Why not? Many hands make light work.”

This idiom appeals to team work. Healthy team work involves a fair delegation of tasks, to individual members, according to their skills and capacities. It therefore does not stand as a contradiction to the idiom, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” which speaks against everyone doing the same thing, or an unnecessary number of people working on one task.


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